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Home Construction Loans Explained - How They Work?

Building your home is not easy as it looks? Here’s everything you should know about how a construction loan works. North Brisbane Home Loans has a dedicated team of mortgage brokers who has prepared the Brisbane homeowners guide to construction financing in 2021.


If you are looking to apply for a construction home loan in Brisbane then you can check this guide or contact the professional team of North Brisbane Home Loans.


First Home Buyer Tips

Buying your first home is a really exciting time! You’re feeling all sorts of emotions, and you’ve got friends coming at you from every angle with advice. As mortgage brokers we deal with mortgages on an everyday basis- which means that we have insider knowledge to help guide your decisions when it comes to securing the perfect place for yourself and family. Please read on for our top tips for first home buyers.


What does a Finance Broker in Brisbane do?

A finance broker in Brisbane works to help locals find the best financing options for them. They are a liaison between borrower and lender, always working with what is most beneficial towards clients. Experienced finance brokers in Brisbane can help you with everything from securing a home mortgage to facilitating loans for cars and other vehicles or even helping your business grow.


finance brokers in brisbane


If you're in the market for a home loan, look no further than North Brisbane Home Loans. With our experienced brokers and wide variety of financial needs - we're sure to have something that will work just right.

Should I Buy or Sell House First? Next Home Mortgage Brisbane

When you're thinking about changing your home, whether it's for more space or a change of jobs, the first question is usually what happens when you buy your new house. Do I sell this one and then move into that? We know that the process of buying a home can be stressful. So we’ve compiled a guide to help you work out which option is best for you!


Looking for a next home loan? Well we got the right solution, so don't spend your time figuring out which type of option is best. Take our buy or sell a home first guide to help figure it all out!


Should I Buy or Sell A House First?

Household Expenditure Measure 2021: How Will A Lender Calculate Home Living Expenses

Looking to finance your home? Find the best home loan as per your current status. To get approve fast for a loan you should aware of how will a mortgage lender calculate your living expenses in 2021. .


To find more about the Household Expenditure Measure in 2021, please visit the North Brisbane Home Loans website.


What are the Benefits of Refinancing a Home Loan?

You might be thinking if it's beneficial to refinance your existing home loan. North Brisbane Home Loans has created a list of the best 8 advantages of refinancing your mortgage this year. Visit here to find out more.


Home Builders Grant Federal Government: How to Apply in Brisbane?

Being a first home buyer if you are planning to build your new home in Brisbane, then you may be looking for a federal government home builder grant? Here is a complete guide on the Brisbane home builders grant. This guide covers all the below points.


  • What is the Homebuilders grant?
  • The criteria you need to meet
  • Important dates
  • What types of builds can I use HomeBuilder for?
  • Using HomeBuilder towards your deposit
  • How to apply for Home Builders Grant?


For more help, you can talk to the North Brisbane Home Loans mortgage brokers now!

How to Get a Mortgage When Self Employed in Brisbane?

If you are not aware of how to get approved for a mortgage when self-employed then you can simply visit the North Brisbane Home Loans website or contact a mortgage broker in Brisbane, Queensland. 


Average Australian Mortgage Size

Don't know what is the average mortgage size in Australia? If you are looking to buy your home in Brisbane and want to know the average mortgage in Brisbane, Australia then you can read out the North Brisbane Home Loans guide on average Australian home loan size by state.

Biggest Banks in Australia For Home Loans

Well, there are many banks in Australia offering home loan options. Want to know what are the top Biggest Australian Banks are good to choose for your home loan. Here we have created a list of Australia's biggest banks with their current offerings (as of 12 February 2021). If you are looking to refinance your existing home loan then you can choose from these largest banks in Australia.


Home Renovation Loan in Brisbane - How They Work?

Looking to renovate your existing home in Brisbane, Australia? Home renovation loan is a good option to make some renovation as per your need. If you are not much aware of how to get an approved renovation loan in Brisbane then speak to the North Brisbane Home Loans mortgage broker now!


Ways to Improve Your Financial Record: Get Approved For Home Loan

Looking to get approved for a home loan in Brisbane, Queensland? Improve your financial status and avail the best loan options as per your current circumstances. Here are the best 5 ways to improve your financial record to get your desired home loan. Talk to a local mortgage broker North Brisbane Home Loans today and discuss your financial needs. For more help, please visit the NBHL website.



4 Ways to Take Control of Your Finances 2021

Want to control your finances in 2021? Here is a list of 4 steps that you can use to take control of your financial situation easily. If you want to learn more about how to take control of your finances just visit the North Brisbane Home Loans or contact our mortgage brokers in Brisbane, Queensland today.


Deposit Required For House and Land Package in Brisbane

Are you planning to buy House and Land Packages in Brisbane? Here is a complete guide to help you before you buy any house and land package in Brisbane, Australia. North Brisbane Home Loans has created a comprehensive guide about House and Land Package to help you through this important journey.


In this guide, you will get answers to all questions including how much can you borrow? how much deposit required? how does a house and land package loan works? and many others. Find more about the minimum deposit required for House and Land Package here!


Mortgage Broker North Lakes Queensland

If you are looking to choose mortgage broker & finance specialists in North Lakes, Queensland then you can reach to North Brisbane Home Loans team. With decades of experience in mortgage services, we help you in securing your desired loan value. Get complete expert advice on approving the right loan amount in North Lakes.


NBHL's dedicated team of Mortgage Brokers in North Lakes provides a complete guide on securing the best loan options to fulfill your home ownership dream. Book an online appointment now!



6 First Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid in Brisbane

If you are a first home buyer in Brisbane then you must aware of the common 6 mistakes that first home buyers make do when they buy their first home. To help you in securing the best home loan for your first time home, the North Brisbane Home Loans team is always there to assist you. Visit us today to get more updates on First Home Mortgage.